2006 International Workshop on Frontier of Data Management


 Participation By Invitation only

Data management is now experiencing very rapid development. In order to promote database research in China and establish a platform for database researchers in China and the Asia Pacific region to communicate and plan for collaboration in a small, friendly environment, the first such workshop was held in Shanghai in 2002, which was initiated by the late Prof. Lu Hongjun. In June 2006, a collaboration agreement between the MoE Key Lab on Data and Knowledge Engineering (affiliated to Renmin University ) and Shanghai Key Lab on Intelligent Information Processing (affiliated to Fudan University ) was signed. To further strengthen the initiative and promote collaboration and information exchange, Prof. Lu Ruqian and Prof. Wang Shan suggested that the two labs jointly host a series of workshops. The workshops are to be kept small to encourage interaction.

The theme of FDM 2006 is Web Management and Mining . It should consist of six to eight invited talks by active researchers and a series of presentations by local participants. Fudan University and Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) will host the workshop. The one-week workshop will be held in Shanghai , and Harbin respectively.



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