Welcome to the fly variation database(FlyVar) website. FlyVar is a free integrative platform that addresses the increasing need of next generation sequencing data analysis in the Drosophila research community. It is composed of three parts. First, a database that contains 5.94 million DNA polymorphisms found in Drosophila melanogaster derived from whole genome shotgun sequencing of 561 genomes of D. melanogaster. It shows an average of one variant per 20 bases across the genome. Second, a GUI interface has been implemented to allow easy and flexible query of the database. Third, a set of interactive online tools enables filtering and annotation of genomic sequence obtained from individual D. melanogaster strains to identify candidate mutations. FlyVar permits the analysis of next generation sequencing data without the need of extensive computational training or resources.
click to visit this function variation query
Information of variants in the database could be flexibly queried.
click to visit this function variation annotation
This tool is a user friendly interface to annotate variants at batch model. You will know thousands of variants’ function all at once.
click to visit this function variation filter
This function will remove common variants.it will greatly reduce lab work to identify the potential phenotype relevant mutation.
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