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The Third International Symposium on Financial Information Processing


The rapid growth of complex data volume in financial firms has made financial information processing difficulty, which is forced businesses and academics alike to turn to sophisticated information processing technologies for better solutions. A typical feature is that high-performance computers and advanced computing techniques play ever-increasingly important roles in companies to obtain the competitive advantages. Accordingly, financial information processing as a cross-disciplinary field relies on mathematics, financial economics, intelligent methods and computer simulations to make different decisions based on the processed financial information. To promote the theoretical development and exchange of financial information processing, the First International Symposium on Financial Information Processing (FIP 2008) was held at Fudan University, Shanghai (May 27-28, 2008); the Second International Symposium on Financial Information Processing (FIP 2009) was held at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (May 29-31, 2009) .

The main theme of theThird International Symposium on Financial Information Processing (FIP 2010) is ˇ°Financial Information Processing and Crisis Managementˇ±. The main purposes of FIP 2010 are to exchange information and ideas on the theories and Practices of Financial Information Processing, to promote a higher academic level of financial information processing, and meantime to provide an international forum for experts from academia in the field of financial information processing from universities throughout the world, as well as business practitioners and senior management from industries to discuss current focus problems, new processing approaches and future alternative solutions.

Date: May 4-6, 2010 (Submission deadline: April 5, 2010)

Location: Shanghai, China

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